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Pay Only What You Can Afford

After a quick conversation, we will be able to put together a payplan for the most viable debt solution for your circumstances whether that be a DMP, IVA or otherwise, you will only pay what you can afford.

Wipe Up To 70% of Your Debt

Dependent on the nature of your debts and the solution we pursue, we may be able to write off a portion of your outstanding debt, a number of our clients have managed to reduce their outstanding debt by up to 70%!

Reduced Monthly Payplan

We are able to reduce most of our clients monthly debt repayment plans, by putting together a customised debt management plan, based on their unique individual requirements.

Freeze Interest On Debts

We have existing relationships with hundreds of creditors within the UK, and are often able to negotiate a freeze on any interest being incurred on our clients outstanding debts.

Get out of debt

If our debt management plans are followed through to completion all debts included within it will be fully payed off, provided you do not take out any more credit you will become debt free.


Stop Creditors Chasing You!

We will communicate with each of your creditors directly and negotiate repayments at a level you can afford each month. Our friendly debt advice specialists will be the single point of contact throughout the debt management process. Get in touch with The Debt Bureau today and take the first step towards debt freedom.

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The benefits of a debt management plan

Each person who approaches us with a debt problem, will have there own unique circumstances influencing their financial situation and their debt management plan will need to be created with this in mind, below are a few of the benefits our clients often experience:

  • Creditors will stop chasing for repayments.
  • Interest will stop accruing on outstanding debts.
  • Debt reduced to one manageable monthly payment.
  • Your monthly payments will be reduced to a manageable sum.
  • Up to 70% of you debt will be written off.

Find Out The Benefits To You

Unique Debt Solutions

Multiple debt solutions are chosen to remedy your particular financial situation

Money Management Advice

Get expert advice about how to manage your money so that you stay out of debt

Free, Confidential Consultation

Our team of experts are standing by to listen to and address your unique debt problems

Contact with Creditors

Our advisors will contact your creditor on your behalf so that the best possible arrangement can be set up

Legal Aid

We’ll find the right debt solution so that your creditor is rendered unable to take further legal action

Dedicated Aftercare

Our dedicated members of staff will ensure that once you are out of debt, that you remain that way


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Take Control of Your Outstanding Personal Debt Today!


What are the benefits of a debt management plan

  • You will only have to make one affordable monthly payment in order to address all of your unsecured debts.
  • You delegate responsibility of dealing with your debt to an experienced debt expert who will ensure your disposable money is utilised properly to clear your debt off as soon as possible.
  • You will not have to negotiate with your creditors as one of our experts will form an agreement about repayment with them that is beneficial for both parties.

What is a Debt Management Plan?

A debt management plan (DMP) is debt solution available to you if you are someone suffering from large levels of unsecured debt. It essentially consists of the creation of a thorough plan of action that will then be used in order to tackle the debt you need to address. In order to formulate the plan you will have to gather details about your finances in order to assess which areas of your expenses need the largest amount of money allocated to them. This includes details about your monthly mortgage or rent bills, expenses on food and travel, utility bill costs and other monthly expenses. The sum of these will all be added together in order to determine how much disposable income you have available to address your unsecured debt. This total will be redistributed to your creditor (s) to pay back a portion of your outstanding balance each month.

In order to create a debt management plan for success you will require an external manager to evaluate your finances thoroughly and determine how much you can afford to pay each month. At Debt Bureau we offer help with debt management plans and will work hard to create a plan that will resolve your unsecured debt at a rate that is most affordable for you. We will also negotiate hard with your creditors so that your reduced payment offer is accepted and then managed properly. If you wish to delegate responsibility for the distribution of money to us then we will ensure that your creditors are kept content with on-time payments providing you keep up with plan of action specified in the plan.

If you are interested in a creating a Debt Management Payplan or require help dealing with your unsecured debt then call us free today and we’ll provide you with a consultation about what the best course of action is for you.

What are the disadvantages of a Debt Management Plan

  • Your credit rating might be negatively affected due to the implementation of the reduced payment plan.
  • You will have to stick to a strict budget each month and spend your money in accordance to the way the plan specifies.
  • Depending on the size of your debt, you might take a longer period of time repaying your debt then you might be prepared to do so.

How do I setup a Debt Management Plan?

  • In order to arrange a debt management and repayment plan you will need to fill out our contact form and provide details about your financial situation.
  • We will then set up a consultation with you where we will take the financial details you have provided us and determine the amount you can afford to allocate to debt repayment per month. Following this we will process your repayment offer to your creditors who will evaluate the terms and will more often or not accept the terms laid out.
  • Once negotiations have been finalised you will have to provide the amount that was determined you could afford each month and sustain these payments until your debt is cleared.

There will be a small charge for creating your debt management plan and negotiating its implementation with your creditors but this will typically be a low sum of money. Contact us today for a free quote and we’ll be happy to disclose details of our costs.

Is a debt managing plan the right course of action for me?

debt management plan’s are an excellent way of assessing where you stand financially and how much you can actually afford to deal with your mounting debts. By gathering details of all of your expenses, you are essentially taking the first step to regaining control of your finances. If you are someone who has identified that you do have a sum of disposable money each month, but simply cannot afford the large one off sum being demanded for repayment, then a debt management plan might be suitable for you. It will enable you to pay off the full balance of your debt in a way that you can actually afford by reducing your monthly repayments to an amount that has been calculated by evaluating your personal finances. Furthermore, the allocation of your money will be left in capable hands as we will work hard to ensure negotiations with your creditor proceed smoothly and the best possible plan is created specifically for you.

If you are however someone who already struggling to pay your monthly expenses such as your bills then a debt management plan might not be suitable as you will not have enough disposable income available to allocate to debt repayment.

If you are interested by a debt management payment plan or simply would like any further information about it then contact us free today and we promise to look into your situation and produce the best course of action for you. Every debt situation is different which is why we are determined to produce a unique debt management plan that will not only address your debt, but will also ensure a securer and more stable future for you.



Take Control of Your Outstanding Personal Debt Today!

Pay what you can afford and reduce your monthly payments with a debt management plan.